Data Recovery and RAID Recovery Services in Farnham

Damaged hard Drive? STOP! Don't make it worse!
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HaydonCS provides recovery services on a full range of hard disk drives: IDE, EIDE, SATA, SAS and SCSI. We work with drives of various makes and models. We also perform recovery services on servers, laptops, desktops and netbooks. Hard Drive Data Recovery is the most common service that we perform on a daily basis. We employ dedicated engineers who work hard to offer the best results. Hard drive failure is one of the most common causes of data loss. We perform hard disk data recovery on various types of media at a minimal cost. If you are experiencing functioning issues with your hard drive in the form of hard drive failure, formatting errors or various other hard drive concerns take the initiative and contact our professional team today. Our hard drive data recovery services cover all types and brands of media without any restrictions to the interface and configuration.

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Apple Mac Data Recovery Service

Mac and iPad, iPod Data Recovery
One of the biggest concerns for iPad users is losing data before it has been synchronized. Data recovery engineers have extensive experience performing data retrieval on SSDs that have suffered common and catastrophic data loss and can recover data from an iPad, iPhone, and iPod that others might deem lost forever.